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* Shipping rules!
Sensitive goods:
Imitation brands, liquids, beauty products, food, magnets, motors, medicines, products with batteries, optical discs, DVDs, powders, sex toys, etc. are handled as sensitive goods.
Sensitive goods will not be refunded for security inspection and returned goods caused by concealment and other behaviors.
The goods/deductions/lost parts/damages/delays/fines and legal responsibilities shall be borne by the sender, please be sure to declare truthfully

1. Eat: food (vacuum packaging) meat products, dry goods, powder (except white), tea, a small amount of precious tonics (such as bird's nest / donkey-hide gelatin)

2. Wear: international first-line brands and their imitation brands;

3. Use: Wig, chemicals, perfume, nail polish, shower gel, shampoo (small bottle), essential oil, wet tissue paper.

4. Cosmetics: cream, powder, liquid (foundation, eye shadow, false eyelashes, mascara, lipstick, mask, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, etc.)

5. Electronic products: built-in batteries or goods with magnets, motors, watches, mobile phones, cameras, stereos, motors

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