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Classification of Sensitive Items

Sensitive cargo classification

General cargo and sensitive cargo are used to distinguish the inspection standards that are shipped in China and exported to other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

If the sensitive goods are shipped through the general cargo channel, it may cause the inspection to fail to pass customs smoothly. Users may receive delays or need to pay the difference in fees for sensitive channels in order to ship.

The following is the classification of sensitive goods shipped by Taobao:

1. Liquid items

For example: perfume, toner, toilet water, shampoo, shower gel, nail polish, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, carbonated drinks, essential oils, lubricants, etc.;

Items that are easy to confuse: candles (also liquid after melting), white-sided filling liquid (some sellers will give white-edged filling liquid when buying a mobile phone film, be sure to pay attention), water-based pens, liquid mobile phone cases, wet tissues, equipped with adhesion promoters Adhesive stickers, double-sided tapes, printing pads, foot stickers, baby warmers, etc.

2. Batteries, electronic items

Items that usually require battery operation need attention. As long as the product has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery or accumulator, or a pure battery product, it is a sensitive product;

For example: calculators, toys with batteries and speakers, power banks, remote controls, clocks, shoes with lights, adult toys (and erotic lingerie, condoms are sensitive wow), driving recorders, etc.

Items that are easily confused: Remote control selfie sticks (with batteries), etc.

3. Food

The live embargo of fresh food, except for fresh food, are all sensitive goods

For example: biscuits, bread, nuts, cakes, spicy strips, red dates, wolfberry, ginseng, scallops (sea products), whole grains, potato chips, pet treats, etc.

4. Magnetic items

Products containing magnets and magnetic products are sensitive goods, such as music boxes, and all kinds of items that can emit music are magnetic;

For example: watches, mobile phones, MP3, hard drives, USB shields, speakers, music boxes, karaoke artifact (microphone), earphones, radios, sports bracelets, learning machines, cameras, set-top boxes, thermos cups, CDs, tablet cases, car magnets, etc.;

5. Products with motor

Generally, objects that can be rotated after starting are equipped with motors, so as long as they are plugged in or installed with batteries, they will rotate or rotate through sensitive cargo channels.

For example: sweeping robot, mite removal device, fan, garment steamer, hair dryer, range hood, wall breaker, blender, juicer, electric shaver, facial cleanser, etc.

6. Items to be painted on the body

As long as it is used to paint/apply on the body, it is a sensitive product, including cosmetics, toothpaste, ointment and other products

For example: lipstick, foundation, toothpaste, sunscreen, ointment, hair spray (gel water), facial cleanser, mask, eye patch, mascara, etc.

7. Powder or Granules

Powders are mainly those common edible powders

For example: whole grain powder, five-spice powder, chili powder, ginger powder, sesame paste, desiccant, soil, sand, washing powder, oatmeal, plasticine, etc.

8. Plants

All kinds of flowers and trees, the survival time of plants is relatively short after they are separated from the soil, as long as they can survive, they can be transported through sensitive channels

For example: succulents, various potted plants, saplings, etc.

Nine, sharp weapons

Usually refers to relatively sharp tools, the size and weight are limited, if the size exceeds 15cm or the weight is relatively large, you need to consult customer service for confirmation

For example: scissors, fruit knives, kitchen knives, etc.

If you can't distinguish the type of goods, you can contact the new Southwest Freight customer service, we will provide you with assistance

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