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About Us

NSWEX Guangzhou international freight co., LTD. Is a 19 year old (domestic) and (international) logistics co., LTD., the company was established in August 2001, is a dedicated domestic less-than-one carload 228 less-than-one carload lines, the whole Sichuan province branch of the subsidiary from Guangzhou, China exported to Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan sea &air land door to door double clear one-stop service of logistics company. The company is committed to providing customers with safe, fast, high level of professional logistics services. While constantly improving our service quality, we have gradually improved our service network and service scope: we have set up three branches in Chengdu, Guangzhou and Zhejiang; At the end of 2016, the door-to-door package tax service for bulk cargo to Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Taiwan was launched, realizing the combination of air and sea transportation of goods from China to Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei. In the face of a large number of businesses, relying on its own strong professional technical team, according to the needs of customers, combined with the characteristics of logistics business, our company independently developed the second generation of national real-time network of goods management system has been officially launched, to achieve timely control of the information flow of goods. We will continue to improve their own service network, improve their own professional logistics service level, and strive to provide you with faster, safer, more economic, higher level of service services, in order to save your logistics costs, to enhance the competitiveness of your products to do a modest force. To provide customers with more comprehensive services, to bring customers more value-added services, let new Southwest stand firm on the international stage is the company's all colleagues towards the vision.

Thank you for your trust in NXWEX, support NXWEX, NXWEX people will serve more attentively, with you to win, your satisfaction is our pursuit! Let's join hands to create a better tomorrow

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