Delivery Notice

Thank you for registering New Southwest International Freight. The details of the company's operating hours are as follows:
After registration, click to view your exclusive warehouse recipient name: "Consolidation warehouse address"
Please read carefully: Compensation Notice: Notice
                       Shipping instructions
Warehouse working hours:

Customers who place an order by the system before 17:00 will be packaged out of the warehouse on the night of air freight, and packaged out of the warehouse within 2 days by sea;
Customers who pay before 20:00 or have a balance in their account will be shipped the same night by air (except public holidays)!

The working hours of NSWX website online customer service WeChat, Taobao and other customer service are as follows:
Customer online time: Sunday to Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday: The customer service is closed all day, and the phone responds to messages regularly
Working day: Reply to the message as soon as possible after get off work hours after 18:00

Please read the following regulations carefully:
1. The specific information of the consignment is provided by the shipper. All the responsibilities, risks and expenses arising from the inconsistency of the information provided by the shipper and the goods shall be borne by the shipper
2. Fragile items need to be packed and packaged by the shipper, otherwise no compensation will be given for damage during transportation. The shipper shall be responsible for the explosion, corrosion and other accidents caused by the entrainment or misreporting of any dangerous goods in the general cargo; the return caused by the sending of sensitive general cargo shall be detained by the customs and shall be borne by the shipper.
3. Customers can voluntarily purchase insurance for the consigned goods. If the goods participating in the insurance are lost, damaged or delayed, they will be compensated according to the insurance clause. Otherwise, our company is not responsible for the loss of customers. (Insurance needs to be purchased by customers themselves and purchased from insurance companies, our company does not provide them)
4. The company will not be liable for breach of contract if the reasonable loss and cargo are lost, damaged or delayed due to traffic accidents, natural disasters, wars and other factors.
5. 180 days for air transportation and 90 days for sea transportation. (Calculated from the day the goods enter the warehouse, the destruction of the goods caused by the storage time exceeding the storage time, the loss shall be borne by the shipper)

Guangzhou New Southwest International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
October 20, 2017

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