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Delivery & Service Fee

Delivery Fee

other areas Normal Goods (United Kingdom)

0.5-10kgFirst 0.5kg¥355.00/0.5kg
Continue 0.5kg¥65.00/0.5kg
10.5kg & AboveEvery 1kg¥105.00/1kg
Round Up Unit0.5kg
Duration4-7 Working Days
DescriptionThe above quotation does not include destination tax, fines, warehousing, other miscellaneous fees, and the return fee and destruction fee caused by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay, it will be automatically transferred to the sender (company) for payment. The party may not refuse to pay for any reason;

Volume; long CM X wide CM X high CM / 5000, full charge billing,

Add-on Service Fee (optional)

Change order operation fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥10.00/1pieces
DescriptionThe package status is not to be collected before waiting for weighing;

If you are waiting for payment (ie packaging), any addition, withdrawal, unpacking, merging, changing channels, etc. will be charged;

Because unpacking after packaging will cause all the packaged materials to be scrapped, please be considerate.
-(Shipping does not support re-split)
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