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Delivery & Service Fee

Delivery Fee

澳大利亚 Sensitive Goods (AUSTRALIA)

0.5-10kgFirst 0.5kg¥130.00/0.5kg
Continue 0.5kg¥70.00/0.5kg
10.5kg & AboveEvery 1kg¥105.00/1kg
Round Up Unit0.5kg
Duration5-8 Working Days
DescriptionInquiries with customer service in remote areas, postcodes in remote areas: (NT) 0801-0909; YORK (YRK) 4830 & 4871-4895; Southern Australia (SA) 5259-5734 & 5220-5223; address change surcharge RMB150 per ticket;

Exceed the quotation, excluding destination tax, bills, warehousing, other miscellaneous fees and the return fee and destruction fee caused by the recipient

Volume; long CM X wide CM X high CM / 5000, full coin toss, if the weight of a single piece exceeds 30KG, and the single side exceeds 120 * 90 * 90CM, it can be replaced after inquiry and confirmation;
Prompt for declaration information: fill in the order information correctly in English, the recipient’s complete name, and the detailed address must be accurate and complete, and the zip code must be consistent with the city, state and province; the name, quantity, value and other cargo information should be accurately and truthfully declared to ensure that the manifest is consistent, such as Due to non-compliance with the declaration, all consequences such as delay in customs clearance or return, customs deduction, etc. shall be borne by the sender;
a) Do not use general words such as samples, accessories, gifts, parts, tools, etc. in product descriptions
b) The product description cannot contain any animal/plant names, musical instruments, furniture, sachets, liquids, etc.
c) Customs suspects that there are boxes, toys, bags, boxes, bags, tools, frames, pillows, and tables in the product description may be made of wood, bamboo, and feathers. It is recommended to indicate the material in the statement.
d) Common easy-to-close descriptions include: car parts, light bulbs (recommended description: LED bulbs), diagnostic tools, fishing tackle, food containers, horns, pet collars, powder puffs, stone toys, brushes, mats, masks, decorations

Return/re-delivery service: The service of Australia returning to China is temporarily not available
a) Packages that cannot be delivered due to unknown addresses, alternate zip codes and cities, invalid recipient/contact information, etc. will be returned to the Texas warehouse. The return fee is RMB 50 per ticket
b) Return the package instead of redistribution. The cost of redistribution is as follows:
c) The re-dispatch period is two weeks, that is, within two weeks after notifying the customer that the package is returned to the warehouse, the customer will replace the re-dispatch; if there is no reply, the package will be destroyed after two weeks

Compensation instructions:
a) After the parcel is confirmed lost by the service provider in Australia, it will be compensated according to the declared value (the maximum compensation shall not exceed RMB400), and the final compensation result shall be subject to the service provider’s notice;
b) The time limit for being sued by the budget is 25 parcels received by our company and an application must be submitted, and no repetition will be made after 25 days;
c) The official website of the service provider shows the receipt, but the customer says that the package has not been received, our company will assist in the inquiry, but will not provide compensation;

Add-on Service Fee (optional)

Free unpacking

Delivered Parcel Quantity
1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥0.00/1pieces
Round Up Unit1pieces
DescriptionAir transport is unpacked according to customer requirements. If the goods are lost after unpacking, our company is not responsible.

Shipping and shipping packages are not unpacked (due to easy loss and damage).

Wooden rack fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥100.00/1pieces
DescriptionReinforced wooden frame from 30 RMB;Air transport of cargo from wooden racks to sensitive channels;

According to the size of the product, you need to provide a size estimate;

Wood strip used: Width about 13CM, thickness 2CM.

Air freight-carton packaging

1pieces & AboveEvery 0pieces¥0.00/0pieces
DescriptionThe Courier/woven bag packaging is used by default. If you need a carton, please click;

The weight of the carton will increase by about 0.7-1KG!

If there are a lot of goods, or the goods need to be packed in cartons, the warehouse will use carton packaging according to the addition of the goods

Change order operation fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥10.00/1pieces
DescriptionThe package status is not to be collected before waiting for weighing;

If you are waiting for payment (ie packaging), any addition, withdrawal, unpacking, merging, changing channels, etc. will be charged;

Because unpacking after packaging will cause all the packaged materials to be scrapped, please be considerate.
-(Shipping does not support re-split)
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