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What are All Type?

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Delivery Fee

Brunei All Type (Brunei )

1m3 & AboveEvery 1m3¥1,500.00/1m3
Round Up Unit1m3
1m3 can contain up to 500kg
Duration20-25 Working Days

Add-on Service Fee (optional)

Wooden rack fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥120.00/1pieces
DescriptionReinforced wooden frame from 30 RMB;Air transport of cargo from wooden racks to sensitive channels;

According to the size of the product, you need to provide a size estimate;

Wood strip used: Width about 13CM, thickness 2CM.

Change order operation fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥10.00/1pieces
DescriptionThe package status is not to be collected before waiting for weighing;

If you are waiting for payment (that is, packed), any additions, withdrawals, unpacking, mergers, etc. need to be charged;

Because unpacking after packaging will cause all the packaged materials to be scrapped, please be considerate.
-(Shipping does not support re-split)
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