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Delivery & Service Fee

Delivery Fee

Taiwan Normal Goods (Taiwan)

0.5-10kgFirst 0.5kg¥49.00/0.5kg
Continue 0.5kg¥25.00/0.5kg
10.5kg & AboveEvery 1kg¥38.00/1kg
Round Up Unit0.5kg
Duration5-7 Working Days
Description体积; 长CM X 宽CM X 高CM / 5000,全抛计费,若单件重超过30KG、单边超过120*90*90CM,需要查询确认后方可出货;




Add-on Service Fee (optional)

Wooden rack fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥1.00/1pieces
DescriptionReinforced wooden frame from 30 RMB;Air transport of cargo from wooden racks to sensitive channels;

According to the size of the product, you need to provide a size estimate;

Wood strip used: Width about 13CM, thickness 2CM.

Change order operation fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥10.00/1pieces
DescriptionThe package status is waiting for weighing/payment;

any additions, consolidations, changes in shipping methods, etc. will be charged;

It has been packed and cannot be taken out from the inside!

Because unpacking after packaging will cause all the packaged materials to be scrapped, please be considerate.

* If the airport returns due to declaration problems or sensitive goods shipped out of general goods channels, if you choose to re-issue sensitive goods, you can make up the difference. Our company will charge RMB10/ticket operation fee; if you no longer reissue, choose to return, you can refund the freight, and charge RMB10/ Ticket processing fee.

storage fee

1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥1.00/1pieces
Description90 days for storage by air and 90 days for storage by sea. (It will be calculated from the date when the goods are put into the warehouse, and the shipper shall be responsible for the destruction and loss of the goods caused by exceeding the storage time)
Exceeded storage time: 1 yuan/piece for small pieces per day, 35 yuan/cubic for large pieces


1pieces & AboveEvery 1pieces¥150.00/1pieces
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